Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SLC 1/2 marathon w/ my sisters

So... all of us sisters have ran marathons.. but not TOGETHER. We also realized we had never had a time where we all got together without kids and husbands. Last weekend we did both. We met in SLC Friday, shopped and shopped and ate. Saturday morning we ran the Salt Lake 1/2 Marathon. All of us had a good run, afterwards we all had good intentions of shopping after we got ready but we were a little bit too sore. :) we definitely will be doing this again, It was so much fun!!!

Carb loading at Olive Garden Friday Night.
Becky-Sara-Me-Melinda (we look nothing alike, do we?)

Race Morning, we all bought matching tanks the night before

After the Race and After Showers! City Creek Center
Melinda thought we looked like McDonald's workers in our shirts together LOL
This mall is amazing!!! I cant wait to go back when i can walk HAHA we went in one store and decided to leave.

Cole said he was really glad he didn't have to come with us, it drives him crazy that we all can be talking a million miles a min., all at the same time and have 4 different conversations going AND still we all understand each other :)


Betsy & Brooklyn

One of my best friends BRANDY was in town with her little princess Brooklyn (right) for a couple weeks. I love spending time with them so much. I was watching my niece Betsy one day and we decided to get these cute little 6 month old girlies together. PICTURES were a joke :) Brooklyn is crawling, Betsy cant quite sit up by her self... and to boot, my little Peyton was not okay with NOT being the center of attention. This is the best one we got, even blurry:) but i love these two little girls SO SO much and cant wait to see them grow up. Also, Brandy- i love spending time with you reminiscing and enjoying Brooklyn.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012



Life has totally taken off without me... I'm running and i cant keep up :)

Highlights of the last few months:
-We started our own business... WHAT?? yep we did, it actually has happened. can i get a WHOOT WHOOT for Prime Well Services Inc.

-The new business has 100% taken over my life, I'm hoping it will slow down a bit, but all i hear is that it wont.
-I'm TOTALLY into being a My Lazy Daisy Consultant. When I'm not doing stuff for our business, I have my own business taking off, which might i add it is my stress relief. I love quilting and it has kinda made me quilt more and do more of what i love.

-PEYTON is getting ready for kindergarten. He is getting so big and so smart!

-VEGAS BABY! we just got home, and it was a much needed vacation. We went down for WORLD FINALS Monster Jam. We enjoyed allot of time at the pool, bowling, and tons of yummy food. All three of us are a little sunburned. (i will post some pics of our vaction soon.)

-as always... Peyton's wrestling

THINGS I'm into:
-Shopping for Spring Clothes! I'm really trying to upgrade my closet. I really love the Strips, Coral Colors, Fringe and NOT matching (hard to break the habit). I love the new Bright Colors.

-Catching up on my QUILTING projects. I binded 4 quilts on our vegas trip by hand... this was a huge accomplishment.

-MY LAZY DAISY. Im loving getting more things done for my Trunk Shows. I have the cutest dang stuff.
He is one of the new patterns avaible, im loving the BRIGHTS!

-SPRING Weather. I love the warm weather coming, and being in vegas were it was over 80 totally made it worse. Sign me up for summer!

-Time with Peyton. He is so much fun right now, NEVER a dull moment. He keeps me on my toes, but also keeps a smile on my face. He loves being right next to me all the time.

Monday, January 30, 2012

My Lazy Daisy

OKAY... So i just joined an amazing oppurtunity, called My Lazy Daisy.. I am now a Daisy Consultant. I am so excited. We all have been to "parties" like scentsy, pampered chef and such, this is very similar, but its with something that i really have a heart for QUILTING. You can get quilt kits that include everything you need from instructions to backing, and all the way to quilting supplies.

Check out the website for more info and to see some of the stuff.

If you wanted to Host a party.. what we call a TRUNK SHOW let me know (435-219-0004), hostesses get great discounts and a way cute gift. Or if you want to become a consultant... we could do that too!

I truely have such a love for this stuff and cant wait to move forward. Also the main advantage is that its just starting, so im one of the Ground level Consultants.

Did i mention I CANT WAIT!!! to move forward!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend

To start the morning of thanksgiving off..... Turkey pancake! (it drives cole crazy how much food coloring i put in peytons pancakes.. oh well, he loves it!)

BLACK FRIDAY!!! can i get a whoot whoot :)
 I go with my sisters every year... We have so SO much fun!

Thanksgiving day we ate at my parents house, it was a zoo... kids were everywhere. But it was fun, i loved seeing my sisters family up from St. George. 
In the afternoon we headed to the Fladelands and spent time BSing and letting the kids play.

Friday morning we headed out to SLC. We spent 4 days out there playing. I got lots of shopping done and peyton got lots of playing done. We met our friends Landon and Maria, so peyton was extra excited to play with Kolby the whole time!
Temple Lights

Peyton known for "my legs are tired" so i ended up carrying him alot. I dont know how much longer this is going to be able to work... he weighs like 45lbs

Hot Tub

We ate lots of good food, and had so much fun. We were ready to come home on Monday though, we really are quite the home bodies.

My Brothers Family Pictures

Last month i took my brother Jesse and his beautiful family's pictures. They turned out pretty cute, i had to share!